Ever ate a shoe?

A real shoe.

I've been stressed lately...

Fun fact: "business" only SOUNDS sexy 'til you make 13K but spent 15K to get it. You lost thousands. Spent 6+ months. Got nothing to show for. 


It's the GREATEST thing that could happened to you.

Most people aren't cut out for this. (80-95%.) Just goes against human nature, you know....... to fail over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again... but still keep going like "Fuck it. I've come this far." (It's borderline masochistic, honestly.)

Yet... it's what it takes.

NO rainbow. 

NO unicorns. 

NO participation trophies.

The journey equals eating SH#%. Monday: SH#%. Tuesday: SH#%. Rest of the week (incl. weekends!): More SH#%.


BUT the best part (by far) is, once you got F.U. money, people will call you "lucky"... like all you did was get one of those gas station lottery tickets and hit the jackpot. 

"Must be nice..." they'll say. 

It's ok, though.

We ALL pay a price - No matter what path you take, everything has its pros and cons. Questions is, which cons can you live with? 

After all, Biggie wasn't wrong when he said "mo money, mo problems." I take rich people problems over broke people problems all day, though. You?

How about eating a shoe?

Imagine this:

It's 1610, you're this super hyped-up entrepreneury go-getter dude that just arrived in "the new paradise" (America), right? EVERYONE's talking about it, how awesome it is, etc. And you're like "YEAH, I'm gonna plant some tobacco, sell that sh%#, and get RICH AF!" Sounds like a plan. Right? That is until you arrive and realize folks are starving and eating shoes. One guy tried to eat his pregnant wife. 500 settlers, now down to 60... eating f%#ing shoes. That's the story of John Rolfe & Jamestown. (He's like one of America's O.G.'s.) Anyway...

Point is: Whatever you want in life, if it's worth anything, it'll SUCK to get it. 

Money. A 6-pack. Your soul-mate.

We live in a world where everyone wants something for nothing.

They've sold you on easy. I'm here to sell you on HARD. 

Because HARD is the truth.

And, above all, the HARD is what makes it great.

- M




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